Computerized Cognitive Remediation therapy

Computerized Cognitive Remediation therapy for improvement of attention span.

Impaired attention span results in intellectual disability. 

Since attentional, visuospatial, and social intelligence deficits, negatively impact our children’s development and behavior, our cognitive remediation solutions are designed to improve, the central Processing of the auditory and visual perceptual signals. 

Due to the heterogeneity and wide spectrum of attentional deficits a customized cognitive remediation therapy program is necessary in order to achieve a successful outcome.

The principal objective of our metacognitive strategy is to mitigate our children’s difficulties in the personal, social and educational dimensions of their daily lives.

Following a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment and a psychoeducational session with the parents, we set objectives according to the child’s practical needs and decide about the appropriate duration and modalities of cognitive remediation therapy. 

In order to exclude comorbid depression and anxiety in children with attentional deficit, a thorough psychological screening is carried out as well.

Although challenging, the approach is very friendly and kind toward children. Our dedicated therapists accompany the children throughout the program with a strategy based on effective positive reinforcement.

Each session is composed of customized complementary paper and pencil and computerized tasks focusing on attentional ( targeting hearing, visual, divided components) processing speed, and visuospatial (eye tracking, gaze direction, spatial orientation, visuospatial memory and praxis, with mental imagery components). Furthermore, our program offers mental as well as physical relaxation techniques