Our Services

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is used to address behaviors and/ or improving attention/ executive functioning skills. A Cognitive Behavioral approach to increasing education, building awareness, and implementing executive functioning strategies will be most helpful. At ADHDNY1, we have several clinicians available to provide individual and family therapy to help overcome emotional and behavioral difficulties associated with ADHD. 


Given our interdisciplinary approach, the presence of an in-house neurologist, makes it easy and accessible for patients to consult with a specialist to determine if medications may be necessary in treating the presenting problems.  Medication may be helpful in addressing chemical imbalances associated with ADHD. Therefore, it will be important to consult with your physician and/or psychiatrist to determine if medications may help to manage symptoms.


Our office includes state of the art medical equipment, including Neurofeedback Assisted Cognitive Remediation Therapy (N.A.C.R.T.). Neurofeedback is often used to train individuals to become more aware of their somatic symptoms by providing real time feedback of brain activity to raise awareness of physical symptoms that will then trigger application of intervention strategies.

Cognitive Remediation Therapy

Other services we provide at ADHDNY1 inlcude Cognitive Remediation Therapy. Participation in cognitive remediation therapy to train and strengthen cognitive skills is another intervention that may be used to strengthen attention skills.

Each session is composed of customized complementary paper and pencil and computerized tasks focusing on attentional ( targeting hearing, visual, divided components) processing speed, and visuospatial (eye tracking, gaze direction, spatial orientation, visuospatial memory and praxis, with mental imagery components). Furthermore, our program offers mental as well as physical relaxation techniques. Due to the heterogeneity and wide spectrum of attentional deficits a customized cognitive remediation therapy program is necessary in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Although challenging, the approach is very friendly and kind toward children. Our dedicated therapists accompany the children throughout the program with a strategy based on effective positive reinforcement.

Visual Therapy

ADHDNY1 houses experts in vision related disorders. We also offer visual therapy to assist in improving attention by targeting the visual system.

Convergence Insufficiency frequently mimics ADHD, to the point that such children have a three times greater rate of ADHD (mis)diagnosis as compared to the general U.S. population. In such cases, vision therapy is the mainstay of the treatment protocol by focusing on retraining the eyes and correcting issues related to binocular vision. Our Neuro-Optometrist performs detailed diagnostic studies and offers a comprehensive array of vision therapy protocols to help the child regain normal binocular vision.

Vision therapy can help children develop these essential visual skills, and improve overall school performance. With the proper diagnosis and remediation of functional vision issues, children should experience the following benefits:

  • Easier time learning and retaining information
  • Read faster, and eventually, at higher levels than they were previously able to
  • Complete homework faster
  • Be more comfortable and confident in their visual capabilities
  • Improve coordination, athletic abilities, and memory
  • Process and analyze information at a faster rate

In many cases, receiving vision therapy will improve a child’s ability to focus, and can lessen or eliminate several or all ADD/ADHD symptoms.