Our son is 8 years old and his teachers have been telling us for years that he has ADD and he needs to get help. At first we told them that he is just a boy and he is very active. The last thing we wanted to do was put him on medication at such a young age. But after a couple of years and hearing it from several teachers we started there is something more we can do. We did some research and found a Dr Reuter whose office was very close to where we lived and her expertise was in diagnosing children. As well as a team of doctors who all specialize in helping children with impaired attention span issues. After his initial assessment we learned that he had problems with his vision that was causing him to struggle in classes and with his homework. He is doing much better in school now and is able to concentrate longer now that we have found out the issue. – Jodi and Timothy L.

Our son just started high school this year and was diagnosed with ADHD about 2 years ago. He has been taking adderall since he was diagnosed and he really doesn’t like how it makes him feel. He takes it twice daily but always complains he feels funny an hour after his morning dose. His appetite is very hard to control as he always forgets to eat from not being hungry. We were worried about the long term effects so we did some research to find a new doctor. We were talking with one of our friends and she referred us to Dr Busichio and her team. After meeting with Dr Busichio and going through their extensive assessment, we learned that he suffered from ADHD as well as central auditory processing, where they utilized a specialized listening device that was a game changer. He has been working on the new central auditory processing treatment and has been off of the adderall for 4 months now. He has no trouble concentrating in school and says he feels much better not having to take the medication anymore. We are so grateful to Dr Busichio and her team for taking the time to properly diagnose our son. – Jenner W. a grateful parent